Tee up higher for the perfect drive


  • consistent tee position for
    each drive
  • individually adjustable
  • can be used with every standard tee
  • easy to use
  • more reliability: a PLUS
    for your successful game!
  • with magnetic ball marker

What do I need a TMASTER for?


The tee must always be pressed into the green to achieve a specific height for each club. This is particularly important to achieve the correct flight path during the drive. A few millimetres height difference of the inserted tee can already result in an alteration of the flight path and therefore in a deviation of the range. That is why it is so important to always insert the tee at the correct height.

Using the TMASTER, you can always achieve your individually correct and consistent tee insertion depth, suitable for each of your clubs. You no longer have to rely on your gut feeling. Once you have found the correct position, you have the same insertion depth for each drive. The ideal requirement for the perfect drive and the improvement of your handicap.

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