Silicone rolling device (manual version)

For the manual rolling of soft material grades (e.g. silicone), a manual compactor device becomes an option in the case of non-automated processes.

The clearance can be via a meter and the clearance setting can be adjusted via a hand wheel. The rollers of the compactor device are powered counter-rotating by means of a hand crank

Silicone rolling device (closed electric version)

The basic configuration corresponds to that of the manual device. Instead of the hand crank, a three-phase geared motor provides for the roller drive. For safe operation, the unit is equipped with polycarbonate flaps, which can be opened for insertion and removal of the material. The drive control is carried out with the foot switch in the jog mode (forward / backward) or via the pushbutton on the mounted control cabinet in the automatic mode (only with closed flaps).

Silicone rolling device (electric version)

In the case of the electrical variant, the roller drive is effected by means of worm geared motors. It is operated by a double foot pedal for forward and reverse operation in jog mode. In order to protect the danger points, cable pull switches which are located directly in front of the intake points are used and their triggering results in the immediate drive standstill and the pneumatic opening of the roller gap (> 120 mm). 3x400V / 50Hz supply voltage as well as compressed air (6 bar) are required for the power supply.