Longitudinal cutting machines

We have consistently worked on the further development of our longitudinal cutting machines, to offer you the highest standard of cutting technology. These longitudinal cutting machines can be integrated into your production line without any problems because of their compact dimensions. All models offer you the combination of the easiest operation, maximum cutting performance, the highest operational reliability and low maintenance requirements. Our cutter heads can also be supplied with double blades for multiple-up slitting. The waste strip is released completely free due to the special design and can therefore be discharged without jamming.

Type overview

cutter head: Shear cut principle * combined plunge/proof motion * Adjustment of cutting pressure and retraction depth * Optional single- or double-blade model * Various waste strip widths selectable for double-blade
Quick top blade replacement
Powered bottom blade
Quick lower blade replacement -
Synchronous adjustment of the top and bottom blade -
Electric adjustment of the web width in inching mode - -
Fully automatic electric adjustment of the web widths - - -
Control unit with touch panel and visualisation - - -

All listed models are also available as blade cutting systems (KLS) with eight-blade revolver. With this model, the bottom blades are replaced by two rollers and the drive is completely eliminated. In any case, there is the option of combining both systems upon request.

In the event that you only want to integrate our efficient cutter heads into your machinery, these can of course also be ordered individually. Taking the various areas of application into consideration, we offer different models, which differ in adjustment speed, ease of use and maintainability. The web width indication is carried out using a continuous measuring unit for all longitudinal cutting machines (not KRS-EV). A digital absolute measurement display per cutting path is optionally available (standard for KRS-EV). The same applies to the web width alteration of both sides.

Longitudinal cutting machine KRS-MK

This machine provides a cost-effective solution for infrequent web width adjustment. In this case, web width adjustment is carried out separately (asynchronous) by hand. The top and bottom blades are aligned and adjusted after each adjustment. The bottom blades are replaced after disassembling the bottom blade shaft.

Longitudinal cutting machine KRS-MH

We recommend this machine if the web width needs to be adjusted frequently. Adjustment is carried out synchronously (per cutting point, in each cased for both the top and bottom blade). The cutting points can be adjusted consecutively via a hand crank.

Longitudinal cutting machine KRS-EH

The further development of the aforementioned model also has synchronous web width adjustment by means of an electric drive. Push-buttons allow for extremely easy operation. The cutting points can be moved individually as well as synchronously.

Longitudinal cutting machine KRS-EV

This machine is equipped with the most convenient and fastest web width adjustment. The adjustment takes place fully automatically after the respective values have been pre-selected via a data terminal and terminal dialogue. The travelling distance is electronically monitored and the drive is automatically switched off when the required position has been reached. Therefore, a simultaneous movement of all cutting points is possible, e.g. for conveying all cutting points to the material web while adhering to the set web widths.