Cutting and winding system
Cutting and winding system
Cutting block
Cutting Block
Longitudinal cutting system for edge trimming
Longitudinal cutting system for edge trimming

Cutting and winding machinery

We develop complete cutting and winding systems that meet all of the customer’s demands in terms of performance and safety and ensure a productive application.

Due to the application of interchangeable cutting blocks in the cutting and winding machinery, minimal periods of disruption, e.g. during the resharpening of the knives or cleaning/maintenance work, are ensured. The design of the knives is adjusted to the respective material qualities and constructed individually.

Traverse on our cutting and winding machinery ensures an even winding of the cut material sheets.

To minimize changeover time, the following parameters can be deposited with recipe management if needed:

  • Cutting speed
  • Turning moment at the winding shaft
  • Traverse speed

We will find a tailored solution for your machinery - guaranteed

Please send us your inquiry including Sample material so that we can conduct a few sample cuts as a first step.