3-roll calender machines

PP-Kalander D398x960mm
PP-Kalander D398x960mm

Our 3-roll calender machines for the production of high-quality films made of PPL, PS and PET are continuously improved and adapted to the production-oriented requirements. Deflection optimised rollers from in-house production provide for an ideal film cross section and therefore, for the least possible loss of materials.


Years of continuous operation with a low maintenance frequency indicate product maturity and reliability.


You can find an overview of the most important properties below:

  • Base frame with chassis, in the direction of extrusion electrically movable
  • manual or electric height adjustment for the adjustment to the nozzle position
  • Deflection optimised calender rollers with hardened barrel surfaces for lowest wear
  • Roller surfaces available in various surface qualities depending on the product Manual or electric roller clearance adjustment
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic roller adjustment
  • Roller drive: Single servo drives
  • Rotating joints for water and oil cooling
  • Draw-off with rubberised draw rolls & servo drive